Saturday, November 18, 2017

On earth, 30+

"Set me free, oh Master! Do you not for me feel?"
"I long for her touch, do you hear me not!"
"Three decades with you Sir, beg open the seal"
"I am quite of an age, I find her quite hot!"

1 year later...

"Thank you Master, you let me watch"
"She was exquisite, in her own release"
"Please Sir, when do you end this watch?"
"Patience very thin, I am not at peace!" 

3 months later...

"Thank you Master, a beautiful night"
"Upon me, you trusted her sweet lips"
"Alas Master! your temper is a fright!"
"To splutter neatly, do give me tips!"   

4 months later...

"Oh Master, tonight's luscious kiss"
"For years refrain, were you insane?"
"Yet with the kiss, something's amiss"
"Master I know, let me explain"

2.5 years later...

"A flute, have been her lips"
"Her hands playing a guitar"
"Awakened me, her swaying hips" 
"Her breast have been the star"

"Dear Master, do you recall?"
"Request to bid your abode goodbye"
"On deaf ears, did it fall!"
"Patiently, I watch time pass by"

"Oh Master, is it time not still?"
"To settle in and make her mine?"
"To pleasure her and have my fill?"
"Whilst she's with you, a night divine!"

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